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What is Turfplaning?

Turfplaning is a precise way of “fraise mowing,” removing irregularities (high spots) on any natural grass surface, removing up to 2 inches at a time across 84″ in a single pass. This process allows for the root system and rhizomes to remain in the soil profile alleviating the need to sod or sprig. By following our grow-in schedule, full recovery can be achieved in three to six weeks.




The Turfplaner has three different modes it can operate in:


  1. Laser:  The Turfplaner can operate in laser mode utilizing the newest technology to achieve accuracy withing +/- 1/4 inch;
  2. AutoDepth:  This mode allows for the cutting head to be stable across the entire surface, removing all high spots int he field or at a specific depth for precise sod replacement;
  3. Autograde:  This mode allows the Turfplaner to tie in to any areas providing a seamless transition.


All these modes and capabilities are unique to the Turfplaner and no other “fraze” mower can achieve this accuracy!

Why Turfplane?


A conventional construction process will take 3 to 4 weeks, depending on Mother Nature.  The removal of old material, tilling, rolling, regrading, additional soil amendments or removal, sodding or springing, and finally watering.  You will then have to give the two to four weeks allowing for rooting and/or growth from sprigs so now it is up to 8 weeks.


Turfplaning can be done in two to three days leaving the sub surface root system intact with no concerns of settling.  Normal watering for sod or springs can exceed 1/2″ per day.  Turfplaning requires normal watering of 1-2″ per week!  The field will then be back again in the 3-6 week time table and at 1/4 of the cost.